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Stamtec Servo Press Controls

Stamtec Servo Presses use the BEST in servo motor technology and controls to enable a virtually unlimited number of stroke and slide movement profiles, while supplying full working energy even at slow speeds / dwells.

User-Friendly Interface

Servo press controls specifically designed for the servo press achieve a wide variety of stroke lengths and slide movement profiles, while supplying full working energy capacity even at low speeds.

This allows users to perform a wide variety of jobs in one press (drawing, re-strike, warm forming, etc.) and easily adapt to automation and feed applications.

Diversified Curves

In addition, servo press controls enable end-users to request unique profiles, while customized motion curves allow up to 20 various segments in a cycle curve, defined by segment position, speed, and pause duration parameters.

  • Automatic slide adjustment and die height auto-correction (optical linear sensor)
  • 100 job storage
  • Pulse generator wheel for die try-out 
  • Energy saving- no flywheel, no constant motor, no clutch/brake engagement
  • Lower slide velocity allows better material flow, better parts
  • Lower die impact reduces noise and increases die life
  • Optimization of press speed during working and non-working portion of stroke increases production speed.
  • Easily synchronizes with other presses or automation
  • Ethernet Link
  • Task assignment software

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