Field service & replacement parts where & when you need them

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Mechanical, Servo and Forging Press Services

Although some press companies place a much higher priority on selling presses than they do on customer support, at Stamtec, we feel that excellent customer support is the highest priority. The support we provide to you, our customer, helps guarantee your success ... and that, in turn, helps guarantee ours.

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Stamtec Support Services include:

Preventative Maintenance and Inspections
We can help design a press maintenance and ongoing inspection program that will decrease downtime, enhance output, and establish a documented system for maintaining press integrity. 

Learn more about Stamtec preventative maintenance

Spare and Replacement Parts
Stamtec stocks common replacement parts, and for those parts that are not stocked, we rely on our machine records to manufacture and deliver the needed parts to you.

Learn more about Stamtec replacement parts

Accessories & Upgrades
Our project management, engineering and field service technicians can create a complete press update plan to include replacement parts, updated controls, quick-die-change systems, tonnage monitors, etc. on Stamtec and similar stamping press brands. 

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We offer in-house and onsite training to educate press operators and technicians on preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, press and auxiliary equipment operation and safety.

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Repair and Rebuilds
Press repair and rebuild projects begin with a thorough inspection for cracks, wear and integrity. Our repair and rebuild services often include new controls, H.O.L.P system and pneumatics systems, clutch and brake and counterbalance.

Learn more about Stamtec press repair and rebuilds

Special Advisor
Stamtec can advise and provide resources for regulations, compliance and municipal inspections.

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We can do the work for you, supervise your employees, or provide a combination of supervision and labor on a per call basis, or on a regularly scheduled contract basis. We’ll be happy to work at your site, or at our state-of-the-art facility in Tennessee, depending on your needs.

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