Auxiliary Equipment

Coil-handling and feeding systems, quick die change systems, & more to meet your specific needs

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Stamtec Press Line Production Solutions

Stamtec stands at the forefront of the metal stamping industry, providing advanced solutions tailored to your press line requirements. Specializing in the design, engineering, and integration of complete stamping lines, we cater to a wide variety of material specifications, including type, thickness, yield strength, width, and weight.

Whether your production necessitates capabilities in slitting, blanking, transferring, or press feeding, Stamtec's custom solutions are equipped with precision-designed equipment to meet the exact requirements of your operation.

Explore the details provided below and some of our gallery of multi-system press line installs, and then reach out to us for the specialized press line solutions your operation requires.



  • Automatic Coil Car System: Streamlines loading and threading processes.
  • Micro Feeder Device: Minimizes material waste, optimizing operational costs.
  • Accurate Straightening Technology: Ensures superior quality in your end products.
  • Flexible Material Processing: Capable of handling up to 2000mm width, 0.3 - 6.0mm thickness, and a maximum weight of 35 tons.
  • Feeder driven by servo motor: Provides precise and accurate feeding.
  • Tailored Production Solutions: Each press line is custom-built to align with specific operational demands, ensuring a perfect fit for every unique manufacturing challenge.
  • Enhanced Operator Safety: Incorporating the latest safety technologies and ergonomic designs to protect operators, promoting a safer working environment.

    Blanking Line For Metal Processing


Max Coil Widthin.31.50 ~ 78.74
mm800 ~ 2000
Coil Thicknessin.0.008 ~ 0.472
mm0.2 ~ 12
Coil WeightUS Tons8.27 ~ 35.58
Metric Tons7.5 ~ 35
Weightlbs.11023 ~ 66138
kgs5000 ~ 30000


Max Coil Widthin.31.50 ~ 78.74
mm800 ~ 2000
Coil Thicknessin.0.012 ~0.472
mm0.3 ~ 6
Coil WeightUS Tons8.27 ~ 33.07
Metric Tons7.5 ~ 30
Weightlbs.11023 ~ 66138
kgs5000 ~ 30000


Pitchin.29.92 ~ 137.80
mm760 ~ 3500
Life / Lower Strokein.1.58 ~ 5.51
mm40 ~ 140
Cycle Timein.1.5 ~ 5.0
Weightlbs.22.05 ~ 88.19
kgs10 ~ 50
Clamp TypeVacuum / Electric / Magnet / Clamp
Accuracyin.+/- 0.008 ~ 0.059
mm+/- 0.2 ~ 1.5
DriveServo Motor (certain models)

Stamtec is dedicated to delivering not just cutting-edge machinery but also comprehensive support through industry-leading warranties, full-service assistance including maintenance, parts, and auxiliary equipment for your press line. Opt for Stamtec to gain a partner committed to enhancing your stamping line with reliable, efficient, and custom-fit press-feeding solutions.


Why are Stamtec press lines the game-changer the automotive industry needs?

Stamtec press lines redefine automotive manufacturing with their unique blend of high-speed precision, cutting-edge feeding and coil handling systems, and robotic automation. From body panels to intricate engine parts, these press lines deliver lightning-fast operation and pinpoint accuracy.

By seamlessly integrating advanced material handling and robotic systems, they effortlessly process a wide range of materials, including advanced high-strength steels. With tight tolerances for safety and performance, these press lines optimize production flow, boost productivity, and minimize manual handling, revolutionizing automotive manufacturing.

How do Stamtec press lines revolutionize appliance manufacturing?

Appliance manufacturers need a comprehensive solution, and a Stamtec press line delivers just that. Combining versatile press technologies, advanced feeding and coil handling equipment, and robotic automation, these press lines empower manufacturers to achieve unparalleled efficiency and stunning aesthetics.

From large structural elements to intricate fittings, Stamtec's integrated systems ensure consistent quality and the ability to process a range of metals. Waste is minimized, functionality is maximized, and production processes are streamlined, resulting in top-of-the-line appliances that impress customers and improve the bottom line.

How do Stamtec press lines excel in electronics and hardware manufacturing?

In the world of precision manufacturing, the Stamtec press line goes above and beyond. Designed with precise feeding, sophisticated coil handling, and robotic automation, these press lines meet the intricate requirements of electronics and hardware production.

Thin gauges? No problem.
Precision and minimal distortion? Absolutely.

Stamtec's press lines handle the manufacturing of small, intricate parts with unmatched accuracy, ensuring product functionality remains flawless. Equipped with advanced control systems and customizable options, these press lines provide meticulous material handling and processing, elevating productivity and minimizing errors in the electronics and hardware industries.