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Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

The Stamtec Advantage

STAMTEC has been providing dependable, affordably priced metal stamping presses for more than 30 years in North America and more than 60 years worldwide through our parent company.

STAMTEC’s 72,000 square foot sales, service, and assembly facility in Tennessee is home not only to North America’s largest inventory of new presses and spare parts, but also our most important asset – our people. Our staff of engineering, sales, service and support personnel are here to serve you in the most timely and professional manner.

STAMTEC has had the good fortune in earning business from some of the world’s largest companies including Toyota, Honda, Ford, Daimler, Lear Automotive, General Electric, Maytag, Electrolux, Flextronics, Thyssen Krupp, Hitachi, and Tyco Electronics.

STAMTEC as a company vs. the competition:

  • STAMTEC was founded in 1984 (parent company Chin Fong was founded in 1948), and has sold more than 2,000 machines in North America (parent company Chin Fong has sold more than 50,000 presses worldwide)
  • STAMTEC offers a fully staffed service department based out of our headquarters near Nashville, TN, and satellite service centers across North America including Minneapolis, MN, Ringwood, NJ; Toronto, ON Canada; Queretaro, Mexico
  • STAMTEC provides a comprehensive 3-2-1 press warranty that is not regulated by hours, but by calendar. You can run 24/7 and still be under warranty. Most competitors limit their warranty to 2,000 hours per year
  • STAMTEC/CHIN FONG is the largest press manufacturer in Taiwan and top 5 in the world, with 8 manufacturing facilities,  more than 7,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and sales/service on 5 continents. Daughter of Chin Fong’s founder is the President of Stamtec.
  • STAMTEC’s flexibility in working with the end-user to customize specifications and peripheral equipment is unsurpassed in the industry.

STAMTEC press vs. the competition’s press

  • STAMTEC presses are constructed to meet or exceed machine tolerances established by JIS First Class Standards- typically, our tolerances are 1.5 - 2 times better than JIS First Class.
  • STAMTEC presses are constructed of only the highest quality steel plate from reputable, stable suppliers, i.e. not purchased on the open market, to assure consistent, stable quality and supply. For steel thicker than 250mm, our steel is purchased from the best Japananese steel producers.
  • STAMTEC utilizes low-deflection, rigid, precision machined frame components, constructed with deep-fillet, multiple-pass welding procedures for maximum durability.
  • STAMTEC’s major stress components are built to 1.6 times capacity, among the best in the industry.
  • STAMTEC’s standard bed/slide deflection is .0015”/ft. (exceeding the JIS First Class Standard of .0020”), and can be customized through engineering to achieve .0012”, .0010”, even .00075”. In addition, our deflection measurement is over the bed, without the bolster, where other press manufacturers measure with the bolster in place.
  • STAMTEC’s robust drive trains and gears are manufactured in our own factories, to assure accurate machining, quality assurance, and the best lead times
  • STAMTEC   utilizes durable, reliable clutches and brakes, manufactured in our own facilities , or specified from world-class press clutch/brake builders, with spare parts in stock. Clutch/brake lining blocks are from top Japanese suppliers (Not from Korea, like others)
  • STAMTEC’s bushings are copper, and manufactured by a spin-casting mold process which uses centrifugal force to separate and isolate the impurities from the copper more completely than other casting methods. The result is a purer, more consistent bushing material.
  • STAMTEC’s bearings are all supplied from top Japanese suppliers, e.g. SKF and NSK.
  • STAMTEC offers a much more robust buttress thread for slide adjustment, to hold adjustment position better than an acme thread, and to contend with heavy stamping, shock and reverse load conditions.
  • STAMTEC provides a removable slide plate on many models to permit future slide face machining, drilling, etc. without removing the entire slide
  • STAMTEC presses are manufactured by our own employees in our own factories, and are known worldwide for quality, reliability, and proven performance.
  • STAMTEC’s overall mass and dimensions of major components are generally greater than most press builders, with many components built to 1.6 times capacity.
  • STAMTEC’s oil seals are sourced only from top Japanese manufacturers.
  • STAMTEC uses only using top Japanese brand bearings.
  • STAMTEC uses only Omron Japan electrical relays, not China & Malaysia made, for the best in reliability and longer life.
  • STAMTEC uses Schneider (Square D, Telemechanique)  contactors, disconnects and fuse holders, and Cooper Bussman fuses
  • STAMTEC uses Teco Westinghous Variable Frequency Drives as a standard, and can use other brands on request, such as ABB, GE, etc.
  • STAMTEC partners with all major press control builders to supply press controls that meet customer and application requirements
  • STAMTEC supplies a flexible pendant arm to move the HMI out of the press working area

And be sure to contact STAMTEC, Inc., Manchester, TN at 931-393-5050 or STAMTEC DE MEXICO, Queretaro, Mexico, at +52-442-101-9555.