Mechanical Presses

Stamtec’s Mechanical Presses (a.k.a. OBG, OBS, OBI, or C-frame) undergo finite element analysis prior to manufacturing to ensure proper design, superior strength and maximum resistance to deflection

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

1-Point Gap Frame Press

The low-inertia press drivetrain on Stamtec’s 1-point gap frame press lines features gears manufactured with steel hubs, forged steel gear rings, finished and hardened gear teeth and an oil bath and spray system. Together, these features provide close running tolerances, prolonged life and smooth, quiet operation.

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Press Highlights

Both of our 1-point gap fame press series provide important advantages for your operation:

Air-actuated wet clutch and brake deliver rated torque at relatively low air pressure, resulting in reduced lining wear and air consumption.

Greater heat dissipating characteristics promote longer life and better performance, even at high single-stroking rates.

Fast response hydraulic overload protection system relieves the pressure of a tonnage overload in milliseconds, stopping the press immediately and protecting the press and dies from damage.