Presse Meccaniche

Le presse meccaniche Stamtec (note anche come presse OBG, OBS, OBI o a collo di cigno) vengono sottoposte ad analisi agli elementi finiti prima della fabbricazione per assicurare la precisione dei parametri costruttivi, resistenza superiore e massima resistenza alla deflessione.

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

PL2 Link Motion Series 2-Point Straight Side

The Stamtec PL2 Series double crank press features our Link Motion Drive Technology, designed for deeper or more complex forming, at high single-stroking rates or in continuous mode, using either blanks or coil stock. 

Stamtec’s link motion drive technology decreases slide velocity by up to 40 percent during the working portion of the stroke so the material flows more effectively while the non-working portion of the stroke increases by an offsetting amount to maintain high production rates.

Click here to view our recent white paper - A Guide to Link Motion Mechanical Presses

Stamtec PL2 Series Link Motion Press specifications can be customized to individual customer requirements (see below for PL2 specification examples). To design your custom PL2 Series mechanical press, contact us today.

Stamtec mechanical presses can be customized to meet a wider range of SPM, stroke, rating point (BDC), bed and other specifications and dimensions.