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For many components, cold or hot forging offers crucial production efficiencies & benefits like strength, integrity & material savings.


Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Mechanical, Forging, & Servo Presses for Your Complete Press-line Solution

Cold Forging Presses

Stamtec cold forging press technology provides particular advantages for producing steel components, improving strength and consistency. Near net shape forming, improved mechanical characteristics, superior plasticity, higher surface quality, and increased productivity are just some of the benefits of cold forging presses.

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Discover reliable and efficient cold forging machine solutions with Stamtec, a leading manufacturer of forging presses. With a history stretching back to 1949, and nearly 40 years of experience in the U.S. market, we are committed to delivering quality and performance in every cold forging press machine we provide. Our extensive in-stock inventory of mechanical presses, coupled with our knowledgeable team based in our Manchester, TN facility, ensures that we can exceed your expectations. By choosing Stamtec, you are not only getting a high-performance cold forging machine but also a partner dedicated to supporting your operational success through a comprehensive range of services and competitive pricing.


Stamtec’s cold forging machines are designed to offer reliable and efficient solutions for modern manufacturing challenges. As a reputable cold forging manufacturer, we ensure our equipment meets the rigorous demands of varied forging tasks, promoting enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Cold forging is an optimal solution for manufacturing durable and precise components. A cold forging press machine is well-suited for creating parts like hand tools, automotive shafts and small gears. The inherent advantages of cold forging press machines come to the fore in applications demanding high production rates, exceptional dimensional accuracy and minimal material wastage.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction often turn to cold forging manufacturers for their ability to produce complex shapes with enhanced structural integrity. Stamtec's cold forging machines are engineered to meet these rigorous demands, ensuring reliable performance across a wide range of applications. With a cold forging press from Stamtec, industries can efficiently manufacture critical components, making the most of the cold forging process's benefits while navigating the challenges of modern-day manufacturing landscapes.


Opting for a cold forging machine brings many benefits to the manufacturing process. With cold forged parts requiring minimal to no finishing work, it eliminates a fabrication step, saving costs. The process is less prone to contamination issues, delivering components with a superior surface finish. Furthermore, cold forging allows for easier directional property impartation, improved reproducibility, enhanced dimensional control, and the ability to handle high stress and die loads, resulting in net shape or near-net shape parts.
Here are some key features and benefits of our cold forging press machines:

Ease of Operation

Our cold forging presses are designed with intuitive controls for straightforward operation, reducing the learning curve for your team. The user-friendly interfaces, coupled with quick die change capabilities, ensure a seamless transition between different forging tasks, enhancing productivity. Moreover, our accessible support and clear instruction manuals provide the necessary guidance, making both setup and maintenance simpler, and contributing to the overall ease of operation of our cold forging press machines.

High Precision

Achieve accurate and consistent forging with our cold forging press machine, designed for precise applications. The cold forging procedure augments the steel grain structure, resulting in improved mechanical characteristics that are closer to tolerances. This is crucial for applications demanding high-strength components with precise dimensions.


Built for rigorous industrial use, ensuring a long operational life and a solid return on investment. Our cold forging press machines contribute to superior plasticity and surface quality in the finished products. This is achieved through the combined effects of forming, forging and stress-relieving treatments inherent in the cold forging process. The end result is a higher-quality component with enhanced structural integrity, fulfilling the stringent requirements of modern manufacturing landscapes.

Energy Efficiency

The cold forging machines for sale at Stamtec are engineered for optimized energy consumption, promoting lower operational costs. Through efficient design, our cold forging presses require less energy to operate while maintaining high productivity levels. This energy efficiency not only results in cost savings but also supports environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Quick Die Change Capability

Minimize downtime with the quick die change feature, ensuring smoother transitions between different forging tasks. With the quick die change feature, operations become more streamlined, thereby boosting productivity and reducing operational costs. The cold forging press machine's quick die change feature reflects Stamtec's commitment to providing practical solutions that address the real-world challenges manufacturers face in today's competitive market.

For these reasons and more, Stamtec's cold forging presses are a valuable addition to your production setup.


Get answers to common queries about our cold forging machines, and understand how they can seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing processes.

What Sets Stamtec’s Cold Forging Machines Apart From Others?

Stamtec’s cold forging machines are built with a focus on reliability, precision, and efficiency. Our extensive experience as a cold forging press manufacturer, dating back to 1949, coupled with a substantial presence in the U.S. market for nearly 40 years, positions us uniquely in understanding and addressing the evolving needs of the industry. Our cold forging presses are known for their durability and ease of operation, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process with minimal downtime. Moreover, the cold forging machines for sale at Stamtec offer competitive pricing with extensive in-stock inventory to keep your budget and schedule on track.

How Do I Know if a Cold Forging Press Is the Right Choice for My Manufacturing Needs?

The right equipment directly correlates to your manufacturing task specifics, and as one of the top cold forging manufacturers, we are here to help. Cold forging press machines are ideal for high-volume production, delivering consistent quality and precision in the components produced. This process is particularly beneficial for creating complex parts with tighter tolerances and superior mechanical properties without the need for additional machining. If your operations involve producing parts like automotive components, hand tools or small gears, a cold forging press from Stamtec can be the solution you've been looking for. Additionally, our team can provide insights and recommendations based on your unique manufacturing requirements.

What Support and Services Does Stamtec Offer Post-Purchase?

Stamtec extends comprehensive support and services to ensure the optimal performance of your cold forging machine. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide assistance with installation, operation and maintenance questions. We are committed to fostering long-term partnerships with our customers, and our support extends well beyond the point of sale to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your cold forging press machine.


We offer many resources to support our customers, including technical white papers, videos, catalogs, and other helpful materials to help customers get the most out of their cold forging machine or other Stamtec equipment. Contact us with any questions, and we'll be happy to help.


Take the next step towards optimizing your manufacturing operations with Stamtec's cold forging machine solutions. Our cold-forging press machines are crafted to deliver reliable performance and ease of use, embodying a perfect blend of quality and efficiency. With competitive pricing and a vast in-stock inventory, we are ready to meet your demands and keep you on schedule. Learn how our cold forging press can improve production efficiency and quality - request a quote today.

Press Highlights

Our cold forging press series provide important advantages for your operation:

Reduces material waste anywhere from 40 to 60 percent when compared to other sheet metal forming processes.

Cold forge procedure provides reinforced steel grain structure with better mechanical characteristics that are closer to tolerances.

Superior plasticity and surface quality produced through forming, forging and stress relieving treatments, as well as the nature of the cold forging process itself.