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Forging Presses for Material Savings & Part Finish

Forging presses offer specific advantages due to the process by which they form parts.

Unlike stamping presses, which punch out shapes and leave scrap behind, a forging press takes in a length of round steel (called a “billet”) and forms it to the desired shape. Since it only takes in the material needed for the part, we can reduce scrap in most cases.

Another advantage of forging presses is a better finish quality.

Cold Forging Presses

Cold forging presses, which generally operate around room temperature, also produce parts that are stronger because the material is strain-hardened on a molecular level during the forging process.

Cold forging presses use a closed die and operate using a knuckle joint drive, which provides a longer dwell at the bottom of the press stroke.

Parts commonly made by cold forging include:

  • Hand tools
  • Small gears
  • Automotive shafts

Warm Forging Presses

Parts made by warm-hot forging also include hand tools and automotive parts like:

  • Steering components
  • Bearing housings
  • Connecting rods

Warm-hot forging also is used to produce parts as diverse as valves, taper roller bearings, and transmission housings for armored vehicles.

Operating at temperatures as high as 1150 degrees Celsius, warm-hot forging presses create parts that couldn’t be made otherwise, thanks to the softened steel used in the process.

Warm-hot forging presses operate using oversize eccentric drives and can accommodate open and closed dies. Open die forging is becoming a lost art because of the skilled labor required to manipulate the billet in the mold. Companies today are instead opting for the automation that closed dies allow.

Overall, forging presses are well-suited for producing near net-shaped parts, finished single-hit parts or parts that requires extreme force and rigidity. The type of forging press that’s appropriate for any given application depends on the part to be forged.

Stamtec has the necessary expertise to help you find the right press for your operation. We’ve dedicated significant resources into the research and development of forging presses, resulting in a worldwide presence and proven track record.

We have the capability of manufacturing up to 4,000-ton forging presses, and we’re vertically integrated, offering service and sales assistance out of our office in Manchester, TN.

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