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Forging Presses 411

Stamtec is a leader in forging press technology. Our cold and warm-hot forging presses are recognized for their durability, repeatability and ability to reduce scrap. But many of our customers are unfamiliar with the process.

Here are a few facts to demystify the process.

What is a forging press?

A forging press forms parts from a billet – a length of round metal – rather than stamping pieces out of a sheet of metal.

What are the benefits of using a forging press?

Better part finish and a scrap reduction rate between 40% and 60% are two of the primary benefits. The reduced scrap rate means forging presses provide one of the most economical methods for manufacturing high precision parts. Stamtec forging presses also offer:

  • Near-net shapes
  • Higher productivity
  • Superior plasticity
  • Better mechanical characteristics

Forging Presses for Material Savings & Part Finish

Forging presses offer specific advantages due to the process by which they form parts.

Unlike stamping presses, which punch out shapes and leave scrap behind, a forging press takes in a length of round steel (called a “billet”) and forms it to the desired shape. Since it only takes in the material needed for the part, we can reduce scrap in most cases.

Another advantage of forging presses is a better finish quality.