Press Maintenance and Inspections

Improved Production. Increased Press and Tool Life. Better Parts.

Regular press maintenance and inspections, prior to break-downs will save you from unexpected breakdowns and costs. Stamtec can design a press maintenance and ongoing inspection program on both Stamtec and non-Stamtec presses that will decrease downtime, enhance output, and establish a documented system for maintaining press integrity. 

The Stamtec press maintenance and inspection team can perform basic inspections to evaluate overall press condition to complete press evaluations covering electrical, mechanical and safety fuctionality. The following items a typical part of this evaluation press inspection process:

  • Foundation (cracks, wear, press movement)
  • Frame (cracks, level, secure components
  • Bushing and lift clearances
  • Bushing clearance
  • Upper and lower connections
  • Slide clearance
  • Gears
  • Drive shaft operation
  • Pneumatic system settings
  • Electrical controls
  • Lubrication system functionality
  • Bolster alignment and security

Following the press assessment, the Stamtec maintenance and inspection team will recommend modifications, updates and improvements. These recommendations will prioritize the maintenance program work. Preventive maintenance is not a single event, but an ongoing process.

Common Press Maintenance and Inspection VIDEOS

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Save time and money with Stamtec press maintenance and inspections. 

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