How to Maintain a Stamtec Stamping Press Grease Lubrication System

Video Transcript

Today we’re here to talk about the grease system on Stamtec presses. These will include models G1, OCP, G2, and our GTX models. These use a grease system, not a recirculating oil. So we’ll be going over some of the components and how to bleed the lubrication system.

First of all, this year grease canister. This canister only needs to be filled with the zerk fitting provided here. Do not pull the plunger and try to fill from top as you will get excessive air pockets. Next thing, this is the your grease motor. This will be your canister, and this will be your pump. All these items are available and stocked at Stamtec. This system takes care of all the major components such as gibbs, drive shaft bushings, bearings, so forth.

To bleed the system, simply go to the smaller set screw, open it up about a half to turn. As you can see grease is coming out. Tighten it back up and let the pump continue to do its cycle. If you have excessive air pockets this might need to be done two or three times. If you still have a lubrication or grease fault at that point, then please give Stamtec service department a call.

We’re looking at a close up view of the grease bleeder system for your grease pump. We want to ensure that you use the small flathead set screw when you bleed the pump system. This is very important that you use the small bleed screw as you can say when you open it up grease and air should start coming out. Once that’s done simply tighten the small screw let the grease pump finish its cycle. Again you may have to do this two or three times. But make sure you don’t use the larger set screw. You must use the small one only.

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