How to Maintain a Stamtec Stamping Press Counter Balance System

Video Transcript

Now we’re going to go over your counter balance lubricator. Again this is a manual operation for your G1, OCP, and G2 model presses. These all have a manual counter balance. This is to be done once a day, preferably at the start of the shift. Very simple, three complete pumps. This lubricates the seals and o-rings inside your counter balance or counter balance cylinders and that is all this lubrication does. This needs to be an ISO VG grade up 24 to 32.

As you can see there is a sight glass in the pump. If it gets down to the bottom, you’ll need to refill it. To refill, simply unscrew the cap, put the recommended oil in. Fill to the upper-level and you are complete. Again this is something needs to be done once per day, 3 to 4 pumps, and that’s it. After your counter balance system has been properly lubricated.

We’re now inside the press frame of a G2 model press. This is the air cabinet. We want to make sure that the counterbalance pressure is adjusted properly for whatever tooling you’re going to run in the press. Always reference your counterbalance chart. This gives you an idea of how many pounds versus what air pressure this should be set at. You can look at the gauge marked counterbalance. This will let you know where you currently are.

To adjust the pressure once you know the upper die weight of the tool. Simply come, and locate the counter balance regulator. Adjust to needed pressure based on your counter balance chart. Verify that you are at such said pressure and you’re done for that tool.

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