How to Drain & Fill Wet Clutch Fluid for a Stamtec Stamping Press

Video Transcript

We are at the back of one of our OCP model presses. This is our current model, wet clutch design. We want to go over imitating the maintenance procedure of draining and filling your wet clutch fluid. At this point the press should be powered down and air disconnected. Whatever safe procedures you need to enact please follow those.

At this point you will need a ten millimeter allen wrench and a drain pan. The drain pan will be in the bottom a flywheel area. In this current location you can see the sight glass and two marks on either side of that. Alright in this position you will have one plug at the top the press and one plug at the bottom other press. What you want to do, is you want to loosen, remove the top plug. Again with your ten millimeter allen wrench. You will rotate, and I will just go partial way, you will rotate until that plug gets down to your pan. At that point fluid is going to start pouring out.

Once the flywheel is completely drained you are going to rotate the flywheel back to the top position. Whereas the marks on your sight glass are going to be perfectly horizontal. At this point you will fill your wet clutch and brake with the proper lubrication. Again it is critical that your horizontal lines are horizontal and your fill point point is exactly to those horizontal lines. Please do not overfill or under fill.

Once your at the required limit on sight glass. Please reinsert you plug. Tighten it up securely. Remove your drain pan and your wet clutch procedure is a finished. The procedure for changing your wet clutch fluid on your Stamtec press are all tagged next to your press specification tag. This gives a brief description of what needs to be done.

Also, there is a detailed procedure and description in your Stamtec press manual. This needs to be done according to our maintenance time period, which is usually one shift, one time a year, three shifts you will perform this three times a year. If you have any questions please call Stamtec and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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