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4 Reasons to Choose a Traditional Mechanical Press


Mechanical presses used to be the primary option for those working in the metal stamping industry. Over the last 20 years, though, hydraulic and mechanical servo presses have become viable alternatives, offering press users options that allow them to … Read more

Stamtec Presses’ Hydraulic Overload Protection System

Our Hydraulic Overload Protection System is a standard feature on all of our stamping presses. It’s main function is to protect the press from tonnage capacity overloads.

The system, which is built into the slide connection assemblies, relieves the pressure … Read more

Stamtec OmniLink 5100-MPC Press Control

The custom engineered OmniLink System 5100-MPC part revolution mechanical power press controls provide unmatched features and flexibility to achieve the ultimate in pressroom productivity and safety at modest cost.

OmniLink 805 Operator Terminal: The user friendly OmniLink 805 Operator Terminal … Read more

How to Maintain a Stamtec Stamping Press Counter Balance System

Video Transcript

Now we’re going to go over your counter balance lubricator. Again this is a manual operation for your G1, OCP, and G2 model presses. These all have a manual counter balance. This is to be done once a … Read more