“We are the proud owner of a Stamtec G2-110 press and wish to extend our appreciation for the fine service your company has extended.

Our Plant Foreman, Harold Martin, has been in touch with Bruce and Frank on numerous occasions and has always received prompt, courteous service. Even our outside contractor, Jeff Dale, commented on how well your people have responded.

Today is the first day parts are coming off the machine and we look forward to many more years of successful operation.”

- Kenneth D. Musser, President, Lancaster Level-Flo, Mount Joy, PA

"When we purchase capital equipment, it is a value-based proposition. Stamtec presses are a great value for us. We tried the other competitively priced press manufacturers, but went back to what works best for us- Stamtec. Price IS important, and Stamtec is very competitively priced, but there are more important reasons that we keep coming back:

The presses just keep running!...and believe me, we RUN our presses. We are a true job shop, so we demand that our presses run long, hard hours in a  wide variety of jobs. Despite that, we experience very few problems with our Stamtec presses… and we now own 15 of them from 66 tons to 440 tons. If we have problems, Stamtec's service department goes well beyond the call of duty to make sure that we get up and running quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, Stamtec's three-year, unlimited hours warranty insures that we won't encounter unexpected repair expenses early in the life of the press (most manufacturers’ warranties  are limited to 2000 hours/year).

No doubt, today’s business conditions are very tough, and our business decisions are more important than ever. Our investment in Stamtec equipment has proven to be a wise decision."

- John Kuber, President, Accord Manufacturing, Jackson, WI


"Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt response on our need for a new drive motor last week. Frank and Bruce were VERY helpful, and certainly instrumental in getting the motor to us in a very timely manner, which allowed us to greatly minimize our downtime. We have not always experienced this kind of service, so I wanted everyone at Stamtec to be aware that this exemplary service is what customers truly appreciate. Thanks again, and I hope this trend continues."

- Greg Beal, Mansfield Industries, Mansfield, OH


"At Wren Industries, we're very satisfied with our Stamtec presses, and their value for the money. When we've needed it, we've had excellent service and great cooperation from Stamtec."

- Doug Lucas, Maintenance Manager, Wren Industries, Tipp City, OH


"Stamtec builds big, heavy, quality presses for a very competitive price. The quality and workmanship is very good...They were involved in our building addition and floor foundations before installation, and after the first press arrived, a team was here for 3-4 weeks handling all aspects of installation...We've owned Stamtec presses since approximately 1985 with very few problems...If and when there has been a problem, Stamtec's service group responds immediately. This weighed heavily in our decision to purchase Stamtec presses."

- Don Lenz, Precision VP, Precision, an Elamex Company, Louisville, KY