Press Advantages:

Triple-Action Press

Stamtec offers a full line of large-capacity, triple-action presses that drastically reduce production costs. The press integrates a platform that provides the operator with easier access and includes a user- friendly control system.

Deep-Drawing Press

The deep-drawing press is capable of handling custom sizes and can be adapted to perform different types of movements. Our hydraulic equipment is specially designed for deep drawing, forming metal plates at high levels of accuracy, easy maintenance and safe operation.

Die-Spotting Press

The die-spotting press is a precision tool for the final stage of die molding. In addition to being incredibly precise, the die-spotting press features easy-to-use controls and can be equipped with an optional 180-degree tilting slide to provide increased accessibility.

Optional Features:

Options for the deep drawing press include high pressure–resistant, high velocity–variable piston pumps, as well as multiple types of touch-screen controls.

  • Allen-Bradley color touch-screen control with remote
  • Two-sided safety light curtain
  • PSDI control system hydraulic ejector in slide
  • Stand-alone oil heat exchanger
  • Interlocked safety die block
  • Quick die-change system
  • Moving bolster
  • Punching damper
  • Auto load and unload system

Standard Features:

  • Optimized frame designed with finite element analysis
  • Cylinder tube and piston row with one-piece design
  • Maintenance-free and adjustable eight-point oilless guiding plates
  • Smooth operation at high speed
  • Overload protection valves
  • Efficiently designed hydraulic circuit block
  • PLC system and OSHA standard electrical components
  • Accessible open side frame suitable for front-to-back or left-to-right automation
  • Stroke length fully adjustable through limit switches
  • TDC, slow speed point, and BDC can be set via linear transducer
  • Linear transducer slide and cushion position control
  • Front-side T-Stand
  • Front-side safety light curtain
  • Oil temperature readout
  • T-slotted slide and bolster
  • Interlocked ratchet-type slide lock
  • Central lubrication system
  • Cushion pin

Press Components:

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