Press Advantages:

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Optional Features:

  • Allen-Bradley color touch-screen control with remote
  • Proportional tonnage control, pressing speed and positioning control
  • Quick die-change system
  • Light curtain
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Punching damper
  • Individual chiller
  • Mechanical positioning system on cylinder

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Standard Features:

  • Advanced two-speed controls
  • Stroke length fully adjustable through limit switches
  • Limit switches for TDC, slow speed point, and BDC
  • Key protected switch provides inch, single-stroke and off mode selections
  • Adaptable PLC system and flexible circuit design
  • All pipes, flanges and joints are designed to resist vibration and leakage
  • T-slots or U-shaped slots
  • Operator-friendly system pressure control enclosure

Press Components:

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